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Privilege Pocket T shirt  

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Jonny Bain is a good friend of ours. Him and his family rule. Johnny does killer powder coating at Yard Bird Fabrication and powder coating. Hit him up for some quality work.1-619-573-3839 Dago. 

Jonny's pick "Forestay" shirt by Dark Seas Division 

Jonny's pick "Gaff" tank by Dark Seas Division. 



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James Martin stopped by the Loser Machine headquarters yesterday to give us his friend picks. He rides for ATM Click, Theeve Trucks and Revolution shop.

James Martin - Lazy Bird


Hollie Lynch from Active, Thousand Oaks, gave us her pick from Dark Seas.

Hollie Lynch - Low Tide Lounge

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Collin's a good friend of ours and fellow Machine enthusiast. Today I had the pleasure of hanging out and shooting the shit with the man behind Active Burbank ride shop.. Why not make Collin do a friends pick? This stud is wearing a Loser Machine Zenith Snap backHudson Vest and No Rats Antique T shirt. Available now at Losermachine.com

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Brandon Cambell is a barber at True Blue Barber Shop in Irvine CA where I get my fade on. Brandon's pick of the month is the Loser Machine Kings Way Vest.  Make appointment now 1-949-975-9109


Salty Ray is real man of the sea. Deep sea welding is for real men only. Ray chose the " Ballast " shirt available now. 

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The Lovely Mrs Lauren is our trusty photographer and newest addition to our friends pick.. Enjoy.


Lauren is wearing the Loser Machine Toon Town Crop Top

Mrs Lauren keeps warm in her Graveyard Zip Hoodie

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Jeremy Wray needs no introduction. These days when jeremy is on his board you may catch him in some Loser machine and Dark Seas gear. He is one of the most influencial skaters of my life and so many others. All Hail my friend Jeremy Wray. 

Mr Wray is also a fellow motorcycle enthusiast. He backs the death Grip gloves 

Jeremy is running our Loser machine Race way Ragland

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Alex Trainwreck Gall slays the fish and was recently caught at his local watering hole with his favorite Dark Seas Picks. Click items below for purchase. Thanks Big wreck.  

Wreck backs the Quiver T shirt

Running The Jetsam Beanie

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