BORN-FREE 5 Builder: Mattias "LeBeef" Anderson

Posted: Apr 22 2013

We jammed up the coast recently to meet up with Mattias "LeBeef" Andersson at Dan Collins Old Gold Garage. Mattias is a man on a mission for BF5. He figured instead of building a bike back at his shop in Sweden and shipping it out for the show, he would build it here in the states. With that plan he went on the hunt for a swingarm frame Panhead to build what he has dubbed a "Bellflower" style bike. East coasts finest, Joe Lingley of Righteous Cycle had just what LeBeef was after. He pulled the trigger on a 60' Panhead and had it shipped from right coast to left coast and met it at Dan's shop for 2 weeks of long days and nights. Mattias had fabricated the bars, rear fender struts and some key parts in his Sweden shop and then jumped on the plane with them in tow. We caught up with him on his last full day in the US before heading back. Mattias wasted no time tearing in and slimming a few things up. The tanks, dash and rear fender all got sectioned down to what you see here in the pics. Very subtle lookig at it now but in comparison to stock the changes are massive. Relocation of the oil tank filler and incorporating a switch next to it was also a nice touch and LeBeef banjo style oil fittings will keep it looking really clean. Next up was the exhaust....Hand build from scratch, re routed to run down either side of the bike, low, long and simple looking with of course, bellflower tips when all finished up. After we parted ways, Mattias finshed off a few things and before we even got back down to our ofices he had this thing blown apart to a bare frame and off he went back to Sweden. He plans on being back a few weeks prior to BF5 to wrap up the details and Dan will facilitate some parts drop offs for paint and finish in the mean time. 

Thank you for having us up to the shop and we will see you guys soon!

Photos: Jon Furlong

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