Born-Free 5 Builder: Yaniv Evan

Posted: May 21 2013

We spent a few hours on Melrose recently to talk with Yaniv at his shop, Powerplant. It is immediately apparent when you have a chance to see one of Yaniv's builds in person just how much his craftsmanship comes in to play with everything he touches. The bike he is building for BF5 is based on a single down tube, goosenecked frame with a panhead and narrowed springer. The custom made oil tank, hand formed front nacelle, gas tank and rear fender showcase his abilities to make metal forming look seamless with the lines that make this bike unique to his style. There is a peaked stainless steel theme that is also running through the build. The fact that the metal forming is perfect from every angle is pretty mind blowing. Yaniv plans to have very little paint on this bike to show off the metal work. The drive train for this build is shrouded in somewhat of a mystery when it comes to what trickery Yaniv has lurking inside that 93 cubic inch S&S. Yaniv has a partnership with S&S and Baker but of course he can't run anything without putting his touches on. Once complete this mill and tranny will be heavily massaged and internally warmed over. Yaniv will also incorporate an external charging system by mounting a small alternator that will be belt or chain driven to add yet another mechanical aspect. A 21" front wheel and a 19" rear finish it all off. Thank you for taking the time to welcome us to Powerplant and give us a look at what's to come in one month's time. Come see Yaniv's bike at BF5!



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