Posted: Apr 01 2014

 LMC- Milton how long ago did you move from the Bay area to San Diego?
 ~I moved down to SD in 2000. My whole family is still in San Jose so I go back quite a bit. But SD, damn... I love it down here, its definitely my home now.
LMC-You’ve been tattooing since 1995 what was you’re the first tattoo shop you hooked up with? Tell us about the creatures and characters in that shop.
~ Ah man! That was a crazy street shop in the middle of nowhere on the South South side of San Jose. We were about 15ft. away from the railroad tracks and  always had all kinds of thugs, bikers, cholos coming thru. I learned under Joe Lujan who I owe everything to! He was the 1st person to give me a chance to do  what I love to do for a living! But yeah, the shop.... I could write a book about the shit that went on over there!
LMC-What are the top 3 things in life that influence your art and how long have you been honing your art skills?
 ~Deadlines, loud music, and indicas.... I'm in the zone when I've procrastinated to the very last days, and got all that pressure to create.But I got on some grind  core metal like Brutal Truth or some underground hip hop like the Living Legends thats got my juices flowing, and  maryjane to keep me focused and  "RELAXED" wink wink!
LMC- Who’s your favorite tattoo artist?
 ~Love the 2 guys I work with, Guf and Droopy! I always feel the pressure to do good work because they both do clean and killer work. So I'm thankful for that,  and they always make it fun to go to work everyday! And outside of those two knuckleheads, Fucken Canadian tattoo artist aye! Seriously! I did some guest  spots and conventions up there, and it was a humbling experience! So many amazing artists! Makes you wanna step up your game, so I'm greatful I went up  there! Love Canada! 
LMC- How did you meet our creative director Paul Nichols?
 ~Met Paul at the old shop i use to work at down here in SD. I believe he was the photographer for a mag that was interviewing Guf about Mad Marc Rude shortly  after he past. We started talking tattoos, hit it off and got along, and now I have a great friend of close to 10 yrs now! Even went to Paul's bachelor party and  wedding! 
LMC- You’ve been doing art with Loser Machine and Dark Seas for a few years now. I still remember the first ideas I gave you, It was the N.R.A seal and the  suicide gun with suicidal tendencies font. What has been your favorite graphic you’ve done for us so far?
 ~Cosmic Cobra, Reefer Reaper, the Lopez board I did for him, and this catalog. You guys have me draw stuff I don't usually get the chance to, but always give  me a lot of freedom, so I always have fun doing 'em. Thanks!
LMC- Art always trips me out, some people were born with the talent and others like myself can’t draw if their lives depended on it. When your creating the Black Light art what’s going through your head? Its like your on acid when you look at them.
 ~First think that comes to my mind is make it trippy! But there's gotta be structure so you gotta find the balance of bold but flowy. They usually start in the middle  and work out, so they just build and build.
LMC- What’s your least favorite stuff to tattoo? Tribal or MMA tattoos?
 ~Paragraphs on ribs. Love doing lettering, but c'mon man! 
LMC- If you HAD to choose one or the other to make a living, what would it be? Graphic artist or Tattooer?
 ~Damn! Both, but I would probably just tattoo 2-3 day a week and do more graphics. I love working with just a pencil or a marker and a piece of paper. Black and  white. I prefer to be alone when I draw and I actually draw laying down on my bed on my stomach. Got the same mechanical pencil since I was 11 (27 yrs) so  I'm in my comfort zone. 
LMC- Tell us about your shop Tattoo Royale? When did you start it up?
 ~Guf, Droopy, and I opened Tattoo Royale in Nov. of 06 and I love it. We all take our shit seriously, have fun, tattoo, and talk shit all day! We're in the North PB  area of SD, do any kind of style between the three of us, and we're all pretty mellow fellows. I've been tattooing for 17 years and the other guys 20 yrs each.  Come on down!
LMC- You think you’ll ever get a motorcycle?
 ~No, I'd kill myself, no joke. Not cowordinated(spelling) for it. Use to always get hurt just on bikes and skateboards, so I know better.
LMC- If you had to describe what Dark Seas is what would you say?
 ~DEATH!!! I never learned how to swim so yeah, oceans, seas, open water, scary shit!
LMC- What are your plans for the rest of the year?
 ~Keep drawing, stay productive, comic-con,a couple of trips to SJ to see the family, and maybe a trip to Japan again to visit some old friends! Enjoy life!
LMC- Do you want to thank anyone while the spotlight is on you? Millions of people will see this.
 ~Thanks to Jesus for blessing me with the family and friends that I have! To my Mom and Dad for always supporting me and my art even when they didn't agree  with it. They always encouraged me and gave me a great childhood which let my imagination grow. I love them! Paul, Adrian, and Chris for giving me this  opportunity to work with you guys and be a part of Loser! Thank you sooo much! Guf and Droop for their friendship and inspiration. They're family now! And  PBSJ my old marching band, for the gift of music and lifelong friends! Jack n Coke, Big asses, Mary Jane, cookies, and a double shot of Jameson!
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