Posted: Jan 11 2012

 Steve Boysen is an honest craftsman of which you'll find hand built motorcycles, classic cars and one of a kind custom guitars. Steve is the mastermind of Boysen and CASH Surfboards where he is the founder and shaper. His affair with the ocean surfaced at the age of 17 when he shaped his first surfboard. Pursuing his linage in the world of drag cars and motorcycles, Steve began his own future in drag racing following the footsteps of his mother, who was a seasoned racer. Motorcycle culture influences and bike building became second nature to him growing up watching his pops work on and ride Norton's and Triumphs. S.B. has taken from his roots in these diverse cultures and has applied them to everything he builds and creates. 

 Boysen is legit, running his own program with a unique mix of influences, passions, and bad habits. He is a real solid individual that would give you the shirt off his back and be the first to crack a few brews with you. S.B. is a long time brother and it was only fitting that we asked him to help us introduce and be a part of the launch of the Dark Seas Division.

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