Stix Ride Shop feature - Meet N Ride location for Garage Co party March 22nd. Interview with George Khoury

Posted: Mar 14 2014

When did you start Stix Ride shopStix Ride Shop (formally Styx Boardshop) started back in 1997.

How long have you been a part of the skate community? I grew up in Covina back in the days where you could get away with carrying only skateboards and keeping your doors open. The first shop in our city was Outhouse (long gone. It's now Utility Boardshop and those dudes have kept it core). Outhouse inspired me to want to open up my own shop years later. At one time, our dressing rooms were designed to look like a real outhouse in homage of Covina's first skate shop. RIP Outhouse. I continue to be inspired by newer shops who are doing what's right for skateboarding. Pawnshop in Covina is another good one. Anthony, Jake, Donovan and crew are doing good things. They even have a ramp at their shop. Pay them a visit if you're ever in the area.

How long have you been riding bikes? I've been riding my bike periodically for a few years now. The dudes at Redemption Cycles in Ranch Cucamonga helped build my first bike. I haven't been riding as much as I planned because of my newborn, baby Georgia. I'm looking forward to riding more this year now that she's getting a little older.

What best describes your store? Skate Boutique? Mom and pop? What makes you different from the rest? From the exterior, Stix could be mistaken for a skate boutique. We're managing over 100 shoe and apparel brands from Nike and Vans to Red Wings and Ray Ban. We also have 100's of pro decks on the wall with a full assortment of trucks, wheels, bearings, grip, and decks. We still put on skate demos and events for the community. We have gained local support from our community to whom we are very grateful for. But Stix would be nothing without our team riders, past and present. Support your local skate shop.

Why did you bring in Loser Machine and Dark Seas? We brought in Loser Machine and Dark Seas first and foremost to support the homie Adrian Lopez, who murders it! Damon (former rep) was also a cool dude to deal with but that wouldn't have been enough to keep it going. Our customers love it! Both brands have enough originality without trying to be something they're not. The designs are fun and compliment what we're all about.

Nobody can do it alone!! Who do you want to thank from Stix past and present? I'd like to show my gratitude to Jared Dibendetto and family for the opportunity to continue the Styx legacy they created. Another gentleman we couldn't have done it without is our TM and former shop manager Randy Chew. He made everything look easy. I have a new respect for all he has done for the shop. SAC for life! I couldn't do it without my current crew either. Taco (Chris), Mike, Terence, Robert and crew. Thank you. Wrapping it up, Stix would not be where we're at without the support from our friends and customers, family, team riders, skateboarders worldwide, filmers, editors, artists, reps, girlfriends (and ex-girlfriends). 17 years so far. Here's to 17 more! Thank you all! Thank you skateboarding!



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