Loser Machine & Dark Seas warehouse sale

Posted: Jun 26 2014

The warehouse team has been busting out the set up of our warehouse sale and today marks the start of the 4 day melee! Come on down and get some....


A few important points to cover

The sale days and hours:

Thursday June 26th 11am-7pm

Friday June 27th 11am-7pm

Saturday June 28th 7am-7pm

Sunday June 29th 7am-3pm


2722 Michelson Drive

Irvine, CA  92612


*PLEASE NOTE, the sale space is right next to the OBEY warehouse sale so there will be lines for OBEY. Look for the Loser Machine and Dark Seas signs and enter accordingly. DO NOT jump in the OBEY line if you are here for Loser and Dark Seas! Come right in to our sale.

We have Born-Free 6 fast passes for sale at the warehouse sale. You can't buy them anywhere else but our sale so make sure to swing by if you are in town and need a BF6 Fast Pass. Of course we encourage you to grab some product while you are in.......


A HUGE thank you for all your support and we look forward to seeing you at the warehouse sale or out at Born-Free this weekend.


-The Loser and Dark Seas lineup




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