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Steve's precision fabrication - 2 into 1 pipe master and among many other things.

Not only is Steve one of my best bros but he's one of the most talented and humble engineer / fabricators around. Steve's been building bikes and hot rods for over 3 decades now. A few years back, Steve told me he had an answer to my Thunder Header cracking and swore he could get more horse while doing so. Steve's an X Navy battle ship mechanic so I never questioned his plan. After a few months of riding around Chip from San Diego customs got to asking some questions. Chip doesn't get behind anything unless it performs so the SPF pipe had to go through Dyno testing and some serious ripping before it got the ok from ol Chip. Steve's now part of the San Diego Customs family and ever since then SPF pipes are in high demand and gracing the covers of Hot Bike magazine and bikes around the world. All heil SPF Steve.. Photos by Lopez 

Contact Steve @ / Instagram @SPFabrication / Facebook Eric Hansen / Website coming soon... 

Custom Bars by SPF 

Pipes by SPF