SICKBOAT Presents - Sunday Jams Social 2/8/15 by Kristen Howell

Posted: Feb 04 2015

Kristen Howell is a good friend of ours and we support our friends. Kristen is really stoked on the bill thats set up for this #sundayjamssocial which is teamed up with the amazingly righteous and talented dudes at @sickboat creative agency to bring even more great energy and support to the arts community, including their talented artist Chase Wood @woodee13 who did the poster artAt 8:30 @itsbobbylondon will open up with some voodoo, sweat and soul vibes to get you rockin', at 9:30 the @crowncitykrooks will be showing long beach how rock n roll is done and then at 10:30 #blackwaterjukebox will bring their epic gypsy story telling rock, funk, punk mash up tunes to close it all out on a high (note). There will be $4 tall boys of PBR and bud and $5 well drinks along with a themed specialty cocktail, a pop up craft food shop with the one and only @madhouse_kitchen , a live painting by #levigadson will be happening and will be auctioned off at the end of the night and some amazing handmade and heartmade jewelry vendors@coconuttuesdays and #goldnhaircrystalwear will also be adding their magical vibes to the event. Sasha Schoen @sawsaw will be showing off her new passion project #SapZine and if thats not enough to get your heart beating with excitement the #sickboat boys will be collaborating with#shadesofgaia to capture the night with a unique and one of a kind teepee photobooth! It should be a great night for everyone to get a little loose and get a little inspired and most importantly support each other in the art community


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