Randy Troy

Posted: Mar 16 2012

You never know someones past until its broken down over an ice cold beer and some quality bar time. . My friend Randy Troy works at the House of Motorcycles in Vista California and has an awesome daughter and a ripping skater son by the name of Chris Troy. I've known them all for years now and was stoked to learn Randys history in the Cafe race world. This photo is from Big Bike magazine at The Rock store of Randy running his Highly modified 1969 CB 450 twin cam, fiberglass tank/Seat from England clip ons and rear set controls. Randy put over 50,000 miles of canyon racing on this self made machine. Randy was stoked to hear were doing the Loser party at Yoshi's Garage Co in Inglewood California on March 24th so he can geek out on Yoshi's collection.. Thanks for the story and the photo Randy.. It rules.. 

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