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It's coming together!

Kiyo and the Garage Company crew put in 36 straight hours to get the 69' Shovel chopper finished off this past week. Come buy a raffle ticket at this weekends party and ride this thing home in June!

Sonny Boy has been putting in the hours on the paint work for the BF4 69' Shovel Chopper. A few pictures of the Hummer tank, traditional flames and a hint of the texture that comes alive in the use of Murano Gold Pearl. Spin on to Sonny's site and read up on how he acquired the Murano, great story! Can't wait to see this thing striped and mounted up on the bike.

Mike and Grant have been thrashing on the 69' Shovel dresser this past week as well. Here is a shot just before Mike loaded it up this morning to go up to Garage Company and finish it off. However you do it, buy some raffle tickets. Low Brow has tickets available online if you can't make it out this weekend or to any of the other events the BF4 crew will be attending.

Harpoon slid in the final polish and stripe ahead of schedule none the less. Someone is leaving the party on Saturday with this thing in hand.