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Loser Machine/Born Free 4/Garage Co.

Thank you to everyone that came out this weekend for the Born Free/Loser Machine/Garage Co. party!

TRI co L.A. meet-n-ride went off !!! Big thanks to Imogen, Matt, Dean and Jon Tubbs for being great hosts. 

The geniuses behind DicE magazineDIXIE and TRI co

The Flying Elephant meet-n-ride. 

Big sleep laying down all the rules to be broken.

Justin from Hippy Killer was keeping up with the Dynas. 

It's always good to get these lazy dirt bags out of Carlsbad.

Now it's time to party at Garage Co. Thanks to Yoshi and crew for hosting the bash.. 

BIG THANKS to PABST for the support!

Thanks to Jimmy and Big Sleepy for holding the pig roast down !

Scott Jones a.k.a. T-Bone from Noise Cycles and his little man.

Lizard King, Richie Belton and the Nuge made an appearance. 

Thanks to Mikey Rat for Spinning some oldies but goodies. 

Kiyo ruled it on the Born Free 4 Chopper build.. 

Yaniv from Power Plant Choppers, Angel from Krew and Eric from UNIF came down to party. 

Come June 30th some lucky bastard will own this machine! 

The one and only Adam Wright 

Super stoked to see Dan Collins make an appearance. 

Nuge and the LSDJ's Rocked. 

Harpoon with the lucky winner of the BF4 tank

Poon getting some with Denver Dan of The Speed Merchant

If it ain't long, it's wrong! Sugar Bear outside checking out the lineup.