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A real diamond in the rough. Meet Fuzzy.

About a week ago I got a text from my buddy Fuzzy and when I got to checking it I noticed it was a message from Professional Skateboard legend Doug "Pineapple" Saladino. "Yo Lopez what up I'm with Fuzzy it's Pineapple, me and Adrian Demain (another skate legend ) are playing a gig in Dago and you should come down". I was flattered with the invite but couldn't attend because of a Loser Machine event that same weekend. If you don't know Pineapple you soon will. I'm working on a feature for Loser Machine to do a little back ground on his skate, low rider and bike history. In the mean time I asked Fuzzy to send me some pics of him from pre club days and he graciously sent over these gems. Thanks Fuzzy..

Thats Fuzzy to the right.


Back when there was still a little bit of freedom.

Fuzzy's always seems to be smiling.... until you piss him off. 

Fuzzy standing guard on his 49 Mercury. 

Timmothy  "Fuzzy" Timms is a real biker inside and out.