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Good Guy's Del Mar National Show

Got up bright and early to check the Good Guys show this past Sunday. It started out overcast and pretty slow but by mid day the sun was out and the cars were ruling.

Here's Dana Hinkles pride and joy " The Gold Rush " This machine was designed and built by Dana with the help of Steve Hansen of Steve's precision Fabrication and painted by the one and only Hot Dog. No photos will probably ever do this car justice so if you ever get a chance to catch Gold Rush in person I suggest you make the trip. Dana and Steve are over top when it comes to detail and you will find this on any of Dana's projects. Right now Dana's Model A is near completion so stay tuned for that beast.. 


The man behind the Machine. Dana Hinkles. 

Dana's eye for perfection is never ending so you can see why recently he had hot dog paint the battery box below. 

Always cool to catch up with Pete ( Hot Dog ) 

Pete showing us his latest tank in the sun.. 

Josh Kalis sighting.

This was my favorite car of the show. 

I'm looking for a truck project so I was stoked to see this gem for some inspiration..