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Tech Deck Flash Back

Back when Tech Deck first came out well over 10 years ago, they hit Zero up to be one of the first companies to do a series with. Based on the graphic selection i'm guessing it was 97 or 98.. 

Back in the day you couldn't find me without my walkman on listening to old Metallica Songs so when Pushead who hopefully we all know did album covers and tour shirts for Metallica back in the 1980's wanted to do a graphic for me I was beyond stoked. Being the lame I am this tech deck is all I have for my keep sakes.. Never did keep one of the boards for my personal stash but lucky for me he did another graphic and I have that one.. ( Jamie Thomas has the Pushead graphic I need. That bastard wont give it up though )

Pretty cool to see old graphics Jamie use to do for Zero on the side of this box.. 

This was my first pro board graphic. I came up with this concept when I was about 16 from my grandmas old Jahovas witness magazine. I changed the angel horsemen into a demon horsemen cause i was a huge fan of the Metallica song " The Four horsemen".   I still remember my grandma saying in broken english when she saw my first pro model. " Jahova no like it "

This was one of my 3 pro decks that came out in 1996 done by Randy Janson of two rose tattoo. He also ended up doing it up on the inside of my left bicep back when he was at Avalon in Pacific Beach califas. 

Randy Janson 1998.. Still holding color like it was yesterday.