Posted: Apr 12 2012

Its been about ten years now since Zero Skateboards 3rd video Dying to Live came out. I was doing some digging around and found this old world tour poster I grabbed at one of the stops. This tour was amazing. Mumford and I decided this would be the tour we raged and lived like salvages only I up graded the whole trip to first class without telling anyone so every morning when we were hung over from the after parties I would be up front with orange juice/champagne served or just passed out before takeoff. Matt Mumford decided their was no need for a change of clothes or even clean boxers cause he wanted to do it like slash from Guns and Roses would've done it back in the 80's. He smelled like a 70 year old bum the entire trip and I can still smell his breath till this day.. 11 premiers/after parties in 9 different countries all in 19 days. The rest I don't remember. .... 

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