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LOSER MACHINE'S "PICK OF SHOW" trophy for ~HK4 Hoe Down tomorrow.

In case you live under a rock and didnt know... Tomorrow is the 4th annual HIPPY KILLER HOEDOWN in Winchester, CA. Kutty Noteboom knows how to throw a good party and the HK event is always full of cold beers and bitchin bikes. Same as the previous 3 years Loser Machine was asked to give out its "PICK OF SHOW" award and trophy to our favorite cycle. We figured that the trophy better be as cool as the bike we chose, so we hit up Mikey Ratt and asked him to create us something original. He came correct as you can see and his hand lettering and striping is amazing. So ride your machine to the Hoedown and you have a chance to take home this trophy. See you there.