Posted: Apr 23 2012

I received a package of GRIMB"s second Loser machine Graphic today and boy is it amazing. GRIMB from Japan is one the best pin stripers and painters in in the game today . I was honored to meet GRIMB a few years back at the Yokohama Japan Mooneyes Show. GRIMB's work is always 1 of 1 and never uses photo shop which is unique to most artist submitting graphics these days. GRIMB has a huge following all around the world and you can find his work on his blog where it features all his work and great taste for Cars, bikes, and arts of all kind. Words can't describe his talents so please take some time to check his blog. click photos below for link.

This is the first graphic GRIMB did for us a couple months back  

Wait till you see the new Graphic.... Coming Soon !

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