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MLK Skate Park In Oceanside. Pros Suck Kids Rule..

Today was really fun and it felt good to be on the board. I started out by cruising over to Black Box to grab some hardware and shoot the shit with my Zero and mystery Family. Bama sorted me out with everything I needed and since the Zero park was closed for the day due to filming a commercial, I skated the fun box out back for few before heading over to MLK park in Oceanside. To my surprise the park was empty except for a few locals and some old timers hitting the small bowl area they have. Later on in the day a group of shredders came in and a couple of the kids were ruling like Lucas who Im guessing is 14 or 15. A couple of the kids were rocking Loser shirts and my AL50 so I have to say its was an amazing day......  Almost forgot, I also ran into Daniel Harold Sturt at MLK and got to shoot the shit with an old friend and living legend photographer. My Mission is to feature kids I see ruling it and just having fun, oh and to keep the higher ups happy. You will also see my crusty ass skating on here shortly. Stay tune I'm just getting started. 

Lucas Shreds and hes what I call a Skateboarder.. No sponsors just plane fun. 

Olie transfer to mini bank took me ten tries first time I did it. Lucas 1..