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JAMIE M. THOMAS and his 69 Z/28 Camaro

I consider Jamie one of my closer friends and not the kind you hang out with all the time or even talk on the phone regularly with but the kind you cross paths with and always feel good walking away knowing you have that history that no time away can change. This morning jamie and I met up for some business behind Black Box and caught up with each other on life and how our old worlds were and how they are now. Being on the same team with someone for so long you really form a bond thats beyond friendship. You've traveled the world and battled the same demons that come with video parts, interviews, demos, signings and heavy traveling. Not everyone understands what comes with that stuff and to see him still filming and as hungry as ever is beyond me.  Anyways we all know enough about Jamie through his massive career so I'll spare you anymore of my jibberish...  Thanks for the Pics Chief your car rules. Photos by Chad Foremen

This picture was taken after a Demo in the mountains of Milan Italy.. 

Check Jamie's 69 Z/28 Camaro . Matching 302 motor and header numbers. 100% rebuild to original specs..