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Born-Free 4 builders

We have been working with Mike and Grant at Born-Free 4 in support of the Builders Invite portion of the show this year. We know these 23 dudes are logging some long hours in the shop as they push towards the June 30th deadline so we put together a care package for each of them this week and just got them out the door today.......


If you haven't stayed up on the builds here are some of the videos.....

Jeff Leighton of The Wretched Hive

Walter Gemeinhardt of Kick Start Cycle Supply

Dave Polgreen of The Wretched Hive

Andy Carter of Pangea Speed

Joe Lingley of Righteous Cycle

Wil Thomas

Make sure to mark the calendar now, buy some raffle tickets at Lowbrow and be at Born-Free 4!