BORN-FREE 5 Builder Big Scott Stopnik

Posted: Mar 22 2013

 Jon and I took an afternoon this week to go hang out with Big Scott Stopnik and meet up with his family, Scotty, Turkey and Chase. Big Scott and the boys make bikes a family affair and it was great to get to know these guys a little more and find out what they had up their sleeve for the BF5 build. Each had initially sketched up some ideas that revolved around a stock wishbone frame and a knucklehead they had been sitting on. When they met up to review the ideas based on that foundation they were all surprised to have some common themes working in each of the sketches. As they settled in a 60' specific show bike is what they targeted. A long Wassell tank with some molding and a seat pan that has a touch of "stingray" to it start to set the tone for where this thing is going. The frame will be metal finished smooth and then chrome plated. Tall Flanders risers on top of the cro nest clamp and a set of high bars are planned. A ribbed rear section of fender will be grafted in to the full ribbed fender to create the rear profile. Sissy bar and pipes will flow with the arced theme that is coming together with the headlight brackets and seen in the mock up illustrations. It became very apparent in talking to Big Scott and then hearing Chase, Turkey and Scotty, that they know exactly what they are after and they are all really passionate about this project. We are looking forward to seeing the progress and would like to thank the Stopnik family for opening their doors to us and having us over. I know you are probably all over it already but go check out their site CYCLE ZOMBIES and stay tuned for updates as they motor along.

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