The machine proudly welcomes it's newest Loser - Ryan Hill - Whats your machine ?

Posted: Jan 29 2016

We met Ryan Hill at Active out in Chino, he calmly engaged in a conversation about the brand and spoke of his affinity for it. Soon after our banter turned to skateboarding and skate talk was in full swing. I could tell the kid had style and knew what he was talking about. A few weeks after and strictly by happenstance we had an open spot in the van and invited him on a trip out to the Nude Bowl to see what he could do. Up to this point we had never seen the kid skate. What then ensued much to my surprise was a barrage of pool carnage. Full speed, 100% commitment and flawless style. After only a short 24 hour camping trip I was certain Ryan belonged with us! RYAN HILL!!!


-Luke M. 

Name: Ryan Hill

Age: 20 

Hometown: Eastvale

Board: Vagrant Skateboards

Wheels: Oj's

Shoes: Vans

Bearings: Bronson 

Shop: Active 

Favorite park: Prince Park

How did you first get introduced to skateboarding?

-I think my mom placed a bird house board under the tree on Christmas when I was a kid and been stuck on it ever since. 

Can you recall your favorite session of all time to date?

Probably back in the high school days where me and a couple buddies discovered our first backyard pools in the farms of chino, we had a couple going before they got torn down and have new houses on them now. That's skateboarding though shit comes and goes, but those were all sick sessions.

How do you balance work, school and skating?

Time management!

Favorite video part to watch before skating?

AVE's raw files in propeller, just straight style and power or anything from Grant, Raven, Ronnie, or Chris all those dudes rip.

Can you remember the worst slam you ever took?

Pretty much every one, I get at least one good slam every session. I had one though that was pretty bad I was skating this competition a year back and the second run in I hung up on a fs air busted my knee open and whacked my dome. I don't remember getting up but somehow I walked out of the bowl then wrapped it up and kept skating then after I drove myself to get some stitches. Good times. 

Do you have a lady?

Yeah I got me a lady. 

Does she support your habit?

Yeah, especially when I get broke she's on ice duty 24/7 or grabbing me what ever I need to heal up, she's a keeper. 

Will she ride on the back of your sporty?

She doesn't trust me haha. She'll be hopping on soon whether she likes it or not! 

When you get older do you thing you will get a mans bike?

Haha I'd trade my sporty in for a bigger bike any day, I just don't have the money!!

What are you going to do after you graduate school?

Keep skating and see what ever life throws at me. 

Do you have any immediate plans for skateboarding?

Finish filming for the Vagrant video "Spare Change" coming out soon and start working on a new project with the LMC! 

Should we do an LMC skate trip? Where to?

Hell yeah, let's hit SOTY island I know you dudes want to get your tan on plus there's sick parks and spots out there! 

Any shout outs?

Yeah my family, lady, homies, and the sponsors Vagrant, Jimmy from NHS, LMC, Spank Grip, Vans, Active, and Rad Racing for skate rack on the bike, all these people rule!




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