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Jon Dragonette Photography

We made it out to the home of incredibly talented contributing photographer and friend, Jon Dragonette. We took a few photos and asked him to answer some questions to help us understand some of the method behind his awesome madness. Scroll through to see a bit of a day in the life followed by an interview and some of our favorite images from Dragonettes body of work.

LM: Tell us a little about your history. Where are you from? Where are you at now and what brought you there?

JD: I'm from a small town in Upstate NY, nestled in the foothills of the Adirondak Mountains and home to one of the oldest horse tracks in the country. Saratoga Springs is a mix of rich white horse breeders, compulsive gamblers and simple working folks. I grew up here with my mom, dad and twin brother.

I migrated to California around 2004, first stop was San Francisco. I settled there for 6 years getting my feet wet in the photo industry and riding my skateboard compulsively. In 2010 I picked up and migrated south to sunny Los Angeles looking for more work and less fog.

LM: What's your favorite accessory other than a camera?

JD: My dog, Brix, he's a Veszla Lab mix full of energy and more personality than most people.

LM: What first sparked your interest in photography?

JD: My mom always wanted to be a photographer and had me and my brother at a young age and had to put that dream aside to raise us. When she saw that I was interested in shooting my friends and our skateboard road trips she got super excited. She got me a crappy 35mm camera when I was in junior high to document my travels and just have fun with it. That's pretty much how the whole thing came to be.

LM: Who/What inspires you?

JD: Life, family, friends

LM: What's your dream project?

JD: Every project that I shoot is a dream, sheerly on the fact that I am doing what I love on a daily basis, super grateful for every opportunity.

LM: What is your favorite camera to shoot with? What can't you live without as a photographer?

JD: My Nikromat is old faithful. A simple 35mm tank. FILM without that photography is dead.

LM: Any other interests or passions that you work on during your time off?

JD: I try not to give myself too much off time, and in my off time I try to shoot personal stuff to keep the machine well oiled and running smooth. I did take up playing drums and definitely stoked playing some heavy rock and toll with my friends.

LM: If you could have one other talent that you don't already have what would it be?

JD: Sleeping in

LM: Can you describe your style?

JD: I would have to say honest. I like keeping things as real as possible. Not forced or contrived or over produced. Just honest and in the moment.

LM: What are your thoughts on the industry and where it's headed?

JD: It's ever changing, for good, for bad, hard to say.

LM: Any words of wisdom for aspiring photographers?

JD: Never stop aspiring

Here's a little sample of some of our favorite images that Jon has produced. Enjoy.