The Mach Modified crew hit it big!

Posted: Oct 22 2013

Marco, John John and Nicky came up big this past week. The crew over at Mach Modified not only know how to increase horsepower and improve handling on bikes, they know how to fish and hit it hard. It's always good to hear about the latest adventure and see some pics of their haul. Marco fired off some details and some shots today.....

"The blitz was on this week, it was a scene straight out of National Geographic! The top water looked like it was boiling and the birds were so thick they looked like black clouds. When we pulled up on our spot it was a straight up Striped Bass war zone, the Fish Scan lit up like vegas from the sea bottom straight up to the top water there were monster Bass and Blues crashing every inch of water. We were getting hooked up as soon as we threw a jig in the water, Top, bottom, mid depth it didn't matter it was chaos! We limited out on Bass and were throwing back good sized fish that guys usually get hyped on catching, there were so many fish over 40 inches that 30's seemed like babies. What an Epic day!"



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