Whats your machine? Eastern Sierra's with James and Drew Martin

Posted: Jul 05 2016

The weather came in hot friday evening and all day saturday, and dumped on us for the most part of the last 36 hours... However, it was a complete adventure and we shot some photos riding and fishing and hanging.
Some epic stories, which the best one, we didn't get photos of, as we rode our bikes into this volcanic meadow full of sludge mud quicksand suction death trap, and got our bikes legitimately stuck shin deep.  We were so focused on getting out, and so filthy and so deep in mud that we just gave it everything we had to get out.  Two of us for each bike to even move them a little...  If I would had ridden into that alone, my bike would still be out there, no joke.  Never even seen crap like that haha!  Pretty hilarious and grueling 45 minutes I'd say.  We earned those beers that followed.  
Then, as the rain got heavier and heavier all day Saturday, we realized that the spot along the river/creek we were camped in, was starting to turn into a lake and river and that marshy mud we got stuck in..  We didn't notice until about 10pm, so we packed our crap in the dark pouring rain, pretty deep into a bottle of whiskey, and 4x4'd out of the flat spot, through the road that turned into a wash, and up the rocky trail, onto high ground, and into safety... well, into bear territory.  Woke up to something big messing with us last night around 3:30am, not sure what it was, but man, spook town!
Drew Martin


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