Joey Cano is cracking away in San Antonio on his 40' UL. His ultra skinny molded knuckle blew some minds last round, Looking forward to seeing his new build soon!

Jason Sheets is back at it again this year with a really clean build. Last year his VL got picked as the builder bike to go home with the lucky winner that had the golden ticket. What's in store for him this round…..

Go Takamine of Brat Style finished up his bike and had some time to shoot this video and get some ride time before that thing jumps in a container to be shipped over stateside. Check him out…….

Bobby Middleton of King Customs BF6 video just popped up. The man responsible for the "best knucklehead" at BF5 is sure to bring some heat again this year with his Pan Shovel. Looking forward to seeing his bike roll in to the show in June. 

Kevin "Teach" Baas' new builders video is up, click in and take a look at his ULH…….

Not only does this guy make the best sweet tea around, he is one solid human being and has talent for days when it comes to the art of building bikes. Take a few minutes and check out Scott's video and get an inside look at what that motor and trans he won at last years BF5 form Harley Davidson will be getting nestled in. After you wrap up the video jump on over to Noise Cycles for a look at Scotts lineup of parts and soft goods as well.

NIck Miserendino of Wargasser dropped his Born-Free 6 video last week. Give it a run through and check out his Shovel in an early swing arm pan frame build. 

Wes White of Four Aces Cycle Supply wrapped up his BF-6 builder video, click it and check out his new Bonneville race bike build…...

Paul Cox, the artisan of metal, leather and just about any creative medium out there, has a new video of his Born-Free 6 build. Give it a look…….

If you missed the 3rd annual BF6 Loser Machine Garage Co. party, check out JJ's recap…...

Jasin Phares' BF6 video just hit. Always a personal favorite of mine, Jasin is one talented, humble human being. I look forward to watching him peel off some runs on his drag bike. Follow his work on his Harold's Iron Works blog.

Larry Pierce of Garage Co Customs video just rolled out. Larry and the Show Class guys did a great job and the T-Bone cameo at the end rules. Give it a look...



Oliver Jones BF-6 builders video is up and running. Those Hot-Dock heads and Kimtab wheels sure are nice touches. Stay tuned as his build comes along…..

Ryan's video kicks off this years Builders Invite series. Check it out and then drop on over to The Tiger Shack for more info on him…...


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